2019 Global Responsibility Report

Our 2019 Global Responsibility Report describes our strategies and performance across four key focus areas: Our Food, Our Planet, Our Workplace and Our Community.
global responsibility

Driving impact and meaningful change

The health of our business depends on the health of our planet. If we don’t have healthy soil, our ability to grow food to feed our children and future generations is in jeopardy.

At General Mills, we believe with our scale, we truly can be a force for good to drive impact and meaningful change across our entire value chain, from farm to fork and beyond.

This marks the 49th year General Mills has publicly reported on the topics that are most important to consumers, stakeholders and our business.

Below are some highlights of our progress we are most proud of from fiscal 2018:

In addition to this progress against our current goals, we continue to set ambitious targets to be instruments of change.

In March, General Mills announced a commitment to advance regenerative agriculture on one million acres of farmland by 2030.

Regenerative agriculture restores soil health by applying farming practices such as diverse crop rotations and cover cropping to capture carbon in the soil and reduce greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.

Many of our efforts are made possible through the General Mills Foundation whose support is tied closely to the company’s purpose, core business and food systems knowledge with three global focus areas: Increasing Food Security, Advancing Sustainable Agriculture and Strengthening Hometown Communities.

The foundation’s aim is to build flourishing communities and a thriving planet. We believe we can achieve this by harnessing our collective impact in key areas, by enlisting and engaging our 38,000 passionate employees through meaningful volunteerism.

There is much to be proud of and we’re encouraged by our progress, but we also know there is much more work to be done.