Five Nature Valley bars randomly arranged on a cutting board with bowls of blueberries and craisins

Nature Valley™

Inspiring people to connect with nature with on-the-go snacks since 1973.

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The Original Granola Bar

As creators of the world’s first granola bar, we’ve grown into a family of snacks that puts our love for the great outdoors front and center.

The perfect snack for every setting
Crunchy, chewy, salty, sweet — take your pick.

Forging new paths since 1973

After launching with our granola cereal, we realized one key aspect was missing: the ability to be eaten outside, on the go. So, we got to work and the world’s first granola bar was created.

Now, almost 50 years later, we’ve stayed true to our name and have a whole family of snacks that inspire people to connect with nature.

Our love for the earth, in action
  • Crispy. Soft. delicious.

    The ideal granola bar for any time, take your favorite on every adventure.

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